Leading climate data analysis platform in Asia helping enterprises and funds assess and mitigate climate risk down to asset level
About the company

Intensel is the intelligent climate risk solution. We deliver a comprehensive, accurate and granular climate risk predictive analytics that helps our energy, reinsurance, real estate and banking clients assess risks and opportunities related to climate change.

Our SaaS based product analyses and predicts climate physical risk while allowing the user to map climate risk to asset level and dollar value. Intensel’s technology is based on latest dynamic climate models and makes extensive use of AI in all the three stages of its product:

1- Extreme weather Hazard Prediction and Modelling: We use AI together with numerical weather prediction models to analyse physical risks related to climate change. The Neural nets and are used for prediction and training the model for future forecasts of the climate and weather variables.

2- Vulnerability Modelling: Image processing and AI is also used to in several analysis of GIS imageries for geoinformation extraction like neighbourhood, Levee, DEM resolution extraction and down-scaling.

3- The Financial Modelling uses AI for training, backtesting and data assimilation. The financial module uses the weighted training and decision tree method to understand the impact of hazard and vulnerability on financial models.

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