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Established in 2009, Eco-Business is a sustainable social enterprise that helps Asia Pacific’s businesses along an environmentally and socially responsible, low-carbon path. We educate and advocate on sustainable development. Eco-Business is headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Manila, Beijing, Zurich, New York, and correspondents in major cities across the world. 

We are committed to help businesses, governments, NGOs, research institutions and think tanks get their stories published and read by a wider audience by providing platforms for them to share ideas and best practices, advance public awareness and stimulate debate about sustainable development. Eco-Business is a registered member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise.

We provide research and consulting on a wide range issues which create strategic value for our partners and clients. We own and create thought-leadership platforms which inform policymaking, improve business practices and foster collaboration among different sectors. Over the past decade, our stories and initiatives have gained international recognition and won multiple regional and international awards. We are guided by the sole objective of generating positive impact for society and the environment.

Our partners include the world's biggest brands, Fortune 500 companies, MNCs, governments, multilateral institutions, civil society organisations and philanthropic foundations who are aligned with our values and mission.

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